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The plan is to collect here slides of talks given at various facilities around the world. These include demo and commissioning talks, as well as some introductory seminars and data analysis summaries.

Description Machine Date Link Size
Introduction of the iGp at the ALS ALS 2007-07-11 igp_20070711.pdf 6.5 MB
Instability measurements at DAΦNE DAΦNE 2008-04-04 meas_03apr08.pdf 0.8 MB
Introduction of the iGp and FBE at DELTA DELTA 2008-04-06 igp_20080406.pdf 6.5 MB
LLRF topology and simulation for EMMA EMMA 2008-04-14 emma_llrf.pdf 1.7 MB
Instability measurements at BEPC-II BEPC-II 2008-11-05 meas_04nov08.pdf 5.4 MB
Longitudinal feedback demo at BEPC-II (positron ring) BEPC-II 2008-11-06 meas_06nov08.pdf 0.7 MB
Longitudinal feedback demo at BEPC-II (both rings) BEPC-II 2008-11-07 meas_07nov08.pdf 1.1 MB
Measurements of electron cloud instabilities at DAΦNE (presented at CESR-TA) DAΦNE 2009-01-15 cornell_2009_01_15.pdf 1.4 MB
Longitudinal feedback demo at CESR-TA CESR-TA 2009-01-26 cesrta_analysis_26jan09.pdf 2.7 MB
Vertical/longitudinal feedback demo at CESR-TA CESR-TA 2009-03-18 cesrta_analysis_18mar09.pdf 3.4 MB
Feedback commissioning at CESR-TA CESR-TA 2009-05-21 cesrta_analysis_21may09.pdf 1.1 MB
“Bunch-by-bunch feedback and diagnostics” seminar at DELTA DELTA 2009-11-19 delta_seminar.pdf 2.5 MB
Longitudinal feedback demo at DELTA DELTA 2009-11-20 delta_analysis_20nov09.pdf 2.7 MB
Detailed analysis of DELTA demo results DELTA 2010-03-11 delta_nov2009.pdf 1.4 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback demo at ANKA ANKA 2009-11-24 anka_analysis_24nov09.pdf 1.2 MB
Longitudinal feedback commissioning at BEPC-II (preliminary) BEPC-II 2010-01-08 bepc2_analysis_8jan10.pdf 0.2 MB
Longitudinal feedback commissioning at BEPC-II BEPC-II 2010-01-09 bepc2_analysis_9jan10.pdf 0.1 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback and LLRF at ELSA ELSA 2010-02-09 elsa_seminar.pdf 4.5 MB
iGp commissioning at TLS TLS 2010-04-08 tls_analysis_9apr10.pdf 1.7 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback demo at the MLS MLS 2010-06-11 mls_analysis_11jun10.pdf 0.8 MB
Transverse feedback demo at SPEAR3 SPEAR3 2010-07-02 spear3_analysis_02jul10.pdf MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback commissioning at the MLS MLS 2010-11-19 mls_analysis_19nov10.pdf 7.4 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback and LLRF demo at the Australian Synchrotron ASLS 2011-01-24 asls_summary_24jan11.pdf 6.9 MB
Instability studies at the MLS MLS 2011-10-27 mls_analysis_27oct11.pdf 0.9 MB
Talk at SLAC: Vertical Instability studies at the MLS MLS 2011-11-04 mls_vertical_04nov11.pdf 8.1 MB
Bunch-by-bunch instability studies at DAΦNE DAΦNE 2011-12-16 summary_16dec11.pdf 2.3 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback demo at LNLS LNLS 2012-04-07 lnls_apr2012.pdf 1.6 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback commissioning at BESSY II BESSY II 2013-01-08 bessy_analysis_8jan13.pdf 4.2 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback potpourri DELTA 2013-10-28 potpourri_28oct13.pdf 2.9 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback commissioning at Indus-2 Indus-2 2013-12-20 indus2_analysis_20dec13.pdf 2.2 MB
Instability studies at the MLS MLS 2014-01-11 mls_analysis_11jan14.pdf 3.1 MB
Low-level RF Test at ANKA ANKA 2014-06-24 anka_llrf_10sep14.pdf 0.8 MB
Use of Bunch-by-bunch Feedback Systems for Advanced Beam Control and Diagnostics BEPC-II 2014-07-25 advanced_control.pdf 4.7 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback commissioning at the HLS HLS 2014-08-01 hls_analysis_1aug14.pdf 4.4 MB
Digital Low-level RF Test at Diamond Booster DLS 2015-03-21 dls_llrf_21mar15.pdf 3.4 MB
Digital Low-level RF Demonstration at LNLS UVX LNLS 2015-06-12 lnls_llrf_13jun15.pdf 3.7 MB
Searching for the HOMs in ASLS: Vertical Plane ASLS 2015-09-21 slsa_analysis_21sep15.pdf 0.7 MB
Ingredients for Perfect RF Transceiver LLRF2015 2015-11-04 transceiver_llrf2015.pdf 2.2 MB
Bunch-by-bunch Feedback Studies in MAX IV 3 GeV MAX IV 3 GeV 2016-06-13 maxiv_analysis_13jun16.pdf 4.4 MB
SESAME Low-level RF Commissioning SESAME 2016-11-08 sesame_llrf_8nov16.pdf 4.0 MB
Synchronous Phase Transient in BEPC2 BEPC-II 2016-12-08 bepc2_analysis_08dec16.pdf 0.2 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback and diagnostics in SSRF SSRF 2016-12-14 ssrf_analysis_14dec16.pdf 5.7 MB
Beam Loading Studies in BEPC2 BEPC-II 2016-12-18 bepc2_analysis_22jan17.pdf 1.5 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback and diagnostics in ESRF ESRF 2017-04-26 esrf_analysis_26apr17.pdf 6.9 MB
Studies of Longitudinal Instabilities in BESSY II Booster BESSY II 2017-05-28 bessy_booster_28may17.pdf 4.1 MB
New Stripline Kicker Commissioning in SPEAR3 SPEAR3 2017-10-05 spear3_analysis_05oct17.pdf 1.1 MB
Closed-loop Feedback Control for Particle Accelerators CSS-SCVC 2017-12-07 feedback_20171207.pdf 9.5 MB
Bunch-by-bunch Feedback Demo in UVSOR UVSOR 2017-12-14 uvsor_analysis_11dec17.pdf 3.7 MB
Feedback Commissioning and Diagnostics in BEPC II e+ Ring BEPC-II 2017-12-21 bepc2_analysis_21dec17.pdf MB
Advanced Signal Processing for APS-U APS-U 2018-01-31 apsu_signal_processing_20180131.pdf 1.3 MB
Bunch-by-bunch feedback and diagnostics in CLS CLS 2018-02-07 cls_analysis_07feb18.pdf 7.5 MB
RF and Instability Studies in SESAME: Preliminary Results SESAME 2018-02-26 sesame_preliminary_20180226.pdf 2.6 MB
RF and Instability Studies in SESAME SESAME 2018-05-14 sesame_analysis_20180514.pdf 5.9 MB
Bunch-by-bunch Feedback Demo in Aichi-SR Aichi-SR 2018-10-26 aichi_analysis_20181026.pdf 4.8 MB
Coupled Bunch Instabilities and the Anna Karenina Principle 2018-11-14 dt_feedback_aries_20181114.pdf 5.3 MB
Experience with feedback systems in modern synchrotron light sources 2018-12-11 dt_feedback_apec_20181211.pdf 5.9 MB
Dimtel Digital Low-level RF 2019-06-14 dimtel_llrf9.pdf 3.6 MB
Bunch-by-bunch Feedback Commissioning in SSRF SSRF 2019-06-19 ssrf_summary_20190619.pdf 3.4 MB
Feedback Scenarios FCC Week 2019 2019-06-26 dt_feedback_scenarios.pdf 2.7 MB
Beam Transfer Function Studies in SPEAR3 SPEAR3 2020-03-12 spear3_studies_20200312.pdf 0.6 MB
Dimtel Digital Low-level RF SPEAR3 2020-04-30 dimtel_llrf9_20200430.pdf 3.7 MB
LLRF9 with SPEAR3 Signals SPEAR3 2020-09-25 llrf9_model_comparison.pdf 2.6 MB
LLRF9 Dual Output Test SPEAR3 2021-01-21 dual_output_test.pdf 2.5 MB
LLRF9 in SPEAR3: First Day SPEAR3 2021-01-28 llrf9_first_day.pdf 3.6 MB
LLRF9 Status Update: First AP Results SPEAR3 2021-02-11 llrf_ap_feb9.pdf 1.0 MB
LLRF9 Status Update: Second AP Results and More SPEAR3 2021-03-02 llrf_ap_feb23.pdf 1.7 MB
LLRF9 Beam Tests SPEAR3 2021-03-18 llrf_ap_mar09.pdf 1.7 MB
DAΦNE Instability Studies DAΦNE 2021-05-05 dafne_studies.pdf 4.6 MB
Australian Synchrotron booster LLRF setup procedure ASLS 2022-11-15 booster_llrf_setup.pdf 330 kB
Bunch-by-bunch Feedback Demonstration in Solaris Solaris 2023-05-09 solaris_analysis_20230509.pdf 2.3 MB

Dmitry Teytelman

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